Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have this delivered today?

If it is not a major holiday and you can call early in the morning it is quite possible that we can complete your order including delivery that same day.  Your best option is to call us and find out for sure if we can help.

Can you combine cookies from different bouquets to create a new bouquet?

Yes, as long as the cookies are not from one of our licensed bouquets such as MLB, NHL, NFL, or NBA.

Can I design my own bouquet?

Yes, we are happy to help you as long as there is no problem with copyright infringement, etc.

Can you make specific colors?

Yes, we often match colors to your needs.

Do you make gluten free and sugar free cookies?

Not at this time. We do offer Sugar Free Brownies.

Can I walk in and get a bouquet any time?

We produce extra bouquets daily for frequent needs like birthdays and get well situations. But we often run out of these extras, so call ahead to check our availability.  Very often we can prepare either a standard or custom bouquet for you for same day service if you call us early enough.

Do you have nuts in your gourmet cookies?

Yes, three flavors have nuts and five do not contain nuts.